Hugo Sanchez to Chivas? He tears Cadena apart and says that he is not a leader.

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Hugo Sanchez nothing was saved when talking about the present of the Chivas. And it is that in his role as ESPN analyst, the pentapichichi considered that the Sacred Flock cannot think of a big project when he puts a DT from the club’s basic forceswhich will end up being exceeded sooner or later.

Also, the Male questioned the leadership of Ricardo Cadena as a strategist for Chivasnoting that he is first he must hold the important players of the club accountablea situation that is simply not happening and that is why today the team is in position 15 in the table.

Great teams need great coaches., not a coach who comes from the basic forces of Chivas. I want to remember that Ricardo Cadena comes from Tapatío and knows the quarry very well, that seems very good to me, but for big projects you need to have great coaches and great planning. All the interim coaches come as a good shock, all the players want to look good with the coach.

“The good image left by the previous tournament served to keep me going. Not that it was a mistake, but everyone is realizing that Chivas lacks a leader and the first leader apart from the players, is to demand that the players who are leaders have responsibility on the field, but the first leader is the technician and right now the leadership of Ricardo Cadena is not working”, he indicated Hugol.

The Chivas crisis

The Sacred Flock march in the position 15 of the general table after six days of Opening tournament 2022because they have tied five games and lost one, so they do not know victory and harvest five units.

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