How to activate the Claro Video subscription for free if you are a Telmex or Telcel user in Mexico

We have already told you before about how to enter the Claro Video channel to watch the Premier League at no extra cost if you are a Telmex user, a trick with which you will be able to watch all the English league matches live. But if you still don’t know how to activate Claro Video, here we show you how to do it.

First of all, we must reiterate that Claro Video content at no additional cost, only applies in Mexico if you are a Telmex or Telcel user, Likewise, we must remember that Claro Video is a streaming platform with a cost of 115 pesos monthly. That said, we are going to see how to activate the subscription so that you can enjoy all its content.

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How to activate the Claro Video subscription for free if you are a Telmex user

For customers who have infinite packages (389, 435, 499, 599, 999, 1499) will not have to pay it, but it is important that you consider that this benefit does not include payments per eventpurchases or additional subscription services such as HBO or FOX+, you will only have access to the general Claro video subscription catalog.

In this case, access to the platform is instantaneous if you go to the official Claro Video page, if you download and start the applications for smartphones or install the corresponding applications on your video game consoles. Remember that you must be connected to your infinite network to access automatically.

For users who do not have these packages, they must also go to the official Claro Video page and fill out the forms indicated, or you can also do it by phone at the 800 252 9999; in both options you must indicate Telmex receipt as a form of payment.

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How to activate the subscription to Claro Video for free if you are a Telcel user

In the case of Telcel, it is also very easy to activate Claro Video. From our smartphone you just have to download the Android or iOS app and start it, if your plan is Telcel Unlimited 3000 or higher, access will also be instant when you start the Claro Video app.

Similarly, you must be connected to your Telcel network to access automatically.

If you do not have these plans then you only have to contact Telcel through the contact codes *111 (If you are a postpaid customer) *264 (For prepaid customers) and request access data. Then you just have to open the app and in the tab that says “Enter” and enter the access data.

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In the case of Telcel, you can also register on the Claro Video official page and indicate that your bill is charged to a credit card, so you will get a free month, before starting to bill.

It should also be mentioned that Telmex gives away the first 12 months in the case of certain packages and later the membership is billed month after month for the 115 pesos that the subscription costs.

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And that’s it, it’s that simple you can start enjoying the content that Claro Video has for you, including the Premier League, Paramount+, Nickelodeon, original productions and more.

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