He will look for a game against Barcelona in CDMX

Engineer Leopoldo Silva, president of the University Clubspoke about what it means to dispute the Joan Gamper Trophy and the internationalization project of Cougars.

“We are very honored to visit this field, with such a magnificent football tradition that it has. Here plays one of the great teams in the world. The negotiations went very well with Barcelona, ​​in very good conditions. The MX League and Puebla supported us and gave us the space to be in Barcelona this Sunday”, he stressed.

“The internationalization of the team is part of the Pumas project, this international touch. We believe that it is one of the ways, not only to make Pumas known, but also to grow our football. It’s not going to be easy this year because of the tight schedule and then the worldbut we will continue in this line next year”.

The university students want to play in Mexico

In the same way, he assured that, to make national football known, “we have to make good investments, more promotion of our football and our teams, invite (foreign teams) and seek to be invited as well.”

When asked how the hiring of Daniel Alves, replied: “We put all the cards on the table, what is Pumas, its history, its tradition and our membership in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a very relevant institution in the world, especially in Latin America. I think that helped a lot for Dani to turn his eyes towards Pumas and say: ‘this is a club that belongs to an important university, with great facilities, with a very beautiful Olympic stadium’. Everything added up until we were able to reach a decision.”

Dani Alves returns to Camp Nou, but now with Pumas

Finally, he stressed: “Everything is by and for the fans of Cougars. What we have been looking for: internationalization, having good hires, everything is for them. I am very grateful to the Puma fans.”


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