He was better than Ochoa in El Tri according to Sánchez, but he went to jail for drunk

Hugo Sanchez / Guillermo Ochoa
Hugo Sanchez / Guillermo Ochoa


Talk about Hugo Sanchez is to talk about one of the most important players in Mexican soccer. Being one of the best players in the world at the time, Sánchez won 5 pichichis: 4 with Real Madrid and 1 with Atlético de Madrid. In addition, he was part of an indelible era of merengue, the famous Quinta del Buitre.

That is why the former Mexican striker is one of the most influential voices in the sports media. Within the list of his best players, Sánchez does not have William Ochoa as the number 1 goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team, but to the following figure who was curiously detained by the United States police.

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We are talking about Oswaldo Sanchez, who was a figure in Santos Laguna and Chivas, league champion 3 times. This anecdote was told by the goalkeeper himself, as he says that after having a few beers at a home party, the police arrived, where they handcuffed the former player with tear gas included.

The day Oswaldo Sánchez was arrested

After the game against the Peruvian national team, Sánchez comments that he had permission to “have a couple of beers”. Within the home meeting, the police arrived to ask to turn down the sound to the music and environment, but within the testimony of the former goalkeeper everything got out of control, because they ended up handcuffing him. Being a misdemeanor he was acquitted shortly after his arrest.

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