He was a legend of El Tri, he won 1 million dollars from Ronaldinho and he was almost extradited to the USA



If we delve into the footballer’s career beyond the fields, but also without intervening in his private space, we can find interesting chronologies, at least more so if we take the events separately. This would be the case of a well-known player who has played for the Mexican National Team.

Within curious anecdotes it can be said that he beat Ronaldinho the amount of nothing more and nothing less than 1 million dollars. Although the bet was not only between two players, but there were really more, the fact is that it was defined between the Mexican and the Brazilian, being the first to win.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

He went to the World Cup, he made fun of Blanco’s hump, now he has an 8 MDP car

He mocked Herrera in the face, humiliated Martino, now he earns 2.5 million pesos a week

We are talking about Rafe Marquez, legend of El Tri and current coach of FC Barcelona. Within the “dark side” of the former player and that almost no one remembers, is that he was accused by the United States authorities of money laundering, with the risk of being extradited and imprisoned. Marquez was eventually revealed to be innocent.

Rafa Márquez to win 1 MDD to Ronaldinho to coach

Without a doubt, the start of Rafa Márquez as Barcelona’s basic forces manager makes us imagine his future. Without a doubt, technical directors prepared for the Selection mexicanand Márquez can meet a profile that both El Tri and Mexican soccer need.

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