From the stairs, the daughter of Andrea Legarreta squanders all her beauty in a white dress

Mia Rubin, daughter of Andrea Legarreta, once again positioned itself as a fashion benchmark for young women, as she recently wore a white dress in which squandered style and showed that she inherited her beauty from her mother, well the Today’s driver is considered one of the most beautiful on mexican television.

Mine started a family trip with his sister Little girl and your dad Erik Rubin a Los Angeles California, in the United States, and although at first his mother had stayed in Mexico to be at the celebration anniversary 24 of televisa morningthis Friday he joined them and together they toured Rodeo Drive, also known as El Paseo del Rodeo, located in BeverlyHills.

Mia Rubín shows off a perfect white dress for summer

For this ride, eldest daughter of the former Timbiriche and the host of Hoy decided to wear a perfect white dress for summer, well it was one short piece, with puff sleeves and open back which was cool for these days when the temperature rises and it is ideal to be comfortable to enjoy the weather, especially hot places.

Mia Rubín shines in a white dress Photo: Special

In their Instagram storiesMia Rubin showed off her outfit that gave a chic and urban touch tol Pair it with white tennis shoes as well as a small black bag, which made the perfect contrast to her outfit. In this way, the daughter of screen celebrities showed why she is considered a fashion reference for girls who, like her, want to look very stylish on casual days.

This is not the first time that the 17-year-old girl teaches fashion for young girls, because a few days ago she showed off from the beach in a lavender dress, tone that is one of the favorites of the season. With these images, Mía was compared to her mother Andrea Legarreta, since in addition to inheriting her beauty, she also has the same taste for trends.

The Rubín-Legarreta family is taking a few days off after having a very tight schedule, as both Mía and her father were giving concerts in the first half of 2022, Nina participated in a play and Andrea continued to lead Hoy, program in which he has been for 24 years.

She splurges style with her chic and urban outfit Photo: Special


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