“Don’t cry, mom”; With an emotional message, Chupete, the puppy of memes, says goodbye to his mother before he dies

Pacifierthe puppy that touched social networks and starred in an extensive number of memes to Internet users, he passed away this Thursday, due to his state of health.

The fame of the little puppy derived from his illness, the hydrocephalus with which he was born, because it increased the size of his head, coupled with small spots in the form of eyebrows above his eyes that gave him the characteristic of appearing to be angry and for which he became the image of various memes.

Originally from Cochabamba, Bolivia, Chupete did not live long, but in that tiny step through life, barely over a month old, he managed to captivate the social networks as soon as he appeared in them and became an internet star thanks to the memes that users made of him.

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Claudia Patricia, a worker at the Gamaliel Shelter, in that city, was the one who took care of the little puppy and was in charge of promoting his adoption, to find him a family that loved him and would provide him with the necessary care that he needed.

He was also the one who, through a video, shared in Facebook the Pacifier’s farewell with his motherwho is seen in the video approaching his son to lick him and smell him one last time.

“The time has come… she is saying goodbye to her mom… DON’T CRY MOM: Mom, don’t be sad, I’m writing you this letter so you know I’m going to be fine…”, begins the message that Patricia wrote in Pacifier name for his mother.

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In the message, Claudia Patricia mentions that the veterinary doctors in charge of following up on Chupete’s disease were the ones who recommended “putting him to sleep” forever.

Rest in peace Pacifier With a lot of pain in our hearts, we fired Chupete today at the recommendation of all the veterinarians who kindly attended him, I have no words, “they mention in the message.

The news and the latest images of Chupete’s mother saying goodbye to her puppy moved the audience, who lamented the fact and wrote goodbye messages to the little dog protagonist of memes.

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