Delete them immediately! Android apps infected with malware

If you think that you cell phone is completely safe and free from malwareit is very likely that you are wrong, since there are hundreds of Applications that are waiting to infect your devices.

Remember to only download apps from recognized providers to avoid security breaches.

There are some Applications that have software spies and can steal your social media accounts and other personal data. There are also some that will fill you with intrusive advertising and they could subscribe you to premium services.

Another disadvantage of apps with malware is that they will consume the battery of your telephone or tablet, because they run all the time in the background.

An analysis of the company dr web found almost 30 advertising trojan viruses in android apps, with more than 9 million downloads. In the list stand out apps image editing, virtual keyboards and calling applications.

Most of the apps that have been detected as harmful have already been removed from play storebut check the names of all in case you installed any before.

Android apps with malware

Photo Editor: Beauty Filter

Photo Editor: Retouch & Cutout

Photo Editor: Art Filters

Photo Editor – Design Maker

Photo Editor & Background Eraser

Photo & Exif Editor

Photo Editor – Filter Effects

Photo Filters & Effects

Photo Editor : Blur Image

Photo Editor : Cut, Paste

Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIFs

Neon Theme Keyboard

Neon Theme – Android Keyboard

Cashe Cleaner

fancy charging

FastCleaner: Cash Cleaner

Call Skins – Caller Themes

funny caller

CallMe Phone Themes

InCall: Contact Background

MyCall – Call Personalization

Street Theme

Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen

4K Wallpapers Auto Changer

NewScreen: 4D Wallpapers

Stock Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Notes – reminders and lists

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