China blocks Taiwan and threatens: “We can launch attacks whenever we want, however we want and aiming wherever we want”

Interview with PLA National Defense University Professor and Chinese Military Expert Meng Xiangging

The professor of the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Chinese military expert, Meng Xiangging, assured this Friday that PLA combat operations established a military encirclement around Taiwanwill be held from August 4 to 7 and include technological innovations that highlight the “powerful live ammunition capability of China’s armed forces”.

“Our army’s remote firing system has a very long range and can cover the entire island of Taiwan. This means that we are able to launch attacks when we want, how we want and aiming where we want”Xiangging threatened in an interview on Central Television (CCTV) also quoted by the state agency Xinhua. He also indicated that remote firing systems are equipped with highly mobile transport systems, which allow them to start and stop at any time.

“Our remote firing system is cost-effective and the cost of ammunition is low and through our industrial system, ammunition can be produced quickly in large quantities,” he boasted.

During the Interview The military indicated that the exercises in the Taiwan Strait have also included conventional missiles that “demonstrate their advanced level of precision, long range and great coverage.”. Meng Xiangging reiterated the threats against his opponents by stating that “Those who play with fire will burn themselves”.

Chinese military helicopters off the coast of Fujian province, across the Taiwan Strait.  File / AFP
Chinese military helicopters off the coast of Fujian province, across the Taiwan Strait. File / AFP

For his part, the spokesman for the Chinese military, Shi Yi, indicated that the maneuvers, which began on Thursday at noon, included “conventional missile fire” into the waters off the eastern shores of Taiwan. “All the missiles hit the target accurately,” he added. Taiwan described the fact as “irrational actions that undermine regional peace.”

However, in addition to the international condemnation of the escalation represented by the blockade on the island and the tests carried out by the Xi Jinping regime, Japan has denounced that missiles fired during these exercises have fallen in its Exclusive Economic Zoneprompting a vigorous diplomatic complaint.

Infographics: Marcelo Regalado
Infographics: Marcelo Regalado

In a report the official agency Xinhua the reported six zones of the maneuvers to surround the island and achieve the closure of maritime and air space for those areas. Practices will be 20 kilometers from the coast of Kaohsiung, the main city in southern Taiwan.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense denounced the serious violation of territorial waters and its sovereignty, not recognized by China. “This is an irrational action that defies the international order”, stressed Minister Sun Li-fang. As he described it, the exercises amount to a “sea and air blockade” of Taiwan and warned that Taiwanese forces “will respond to any action.”

Chinese ships near Taiwan.  Reuters
Chinese ships near Taiwan. Reuters

The United States, for its part, summoned Chinese ambassador Qin Gang to the White House to raise the issue of Taiwan. This Friday China announced the interruption of the high-level dialogue with the US and Sanctioned the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, for considering that the Democratic leader “interfered” in internal affairs of the island.

for Beijing. Pelosi’s visit broke the “one China principle that rules the country and a threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

(With information from EFE, NYT, Reuters and Europa Press)


China blocks Taiwan: how are the military exercises with which Xi Jinping surrounds the island after Nancy Pelosi’s visit
The United States summoned the Chinese ambassador to the White House due to the tension in Taiwan
China cut off the high-level military dialogue with the United States and sanctioned Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan

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