Chicharito explains why he threw down the flag and rejected the boy from Dallas: “Emotions beat me”

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez has been at the center of controversy during the last week due to two videos that circulated on social networks where he assures “everything went out of context” and also apologized to those who felt offended.

During a Live on his Instagram account, ‘Chicharito‘ time was given to clarify the controversial videos where throw the flag of Mexico and furthermore, in other circumstances, he refuses an autograph for a child in Dallas.

On the subject of the flag, Javier Hernandez He explained that the situation was sudden since he expected the fan to have the national banner attached and therefore his rudeness to continue signing more things.

In the same way, he pointed out that it is not about contempt for the country, since part of the people he loves (friends and family) to date reside in Mexico.

I decided not to sign the flag and according to the person who gave it to me, it was not that I threw it away, I just wanted to move to continue signing many things. Unfortunately the flag fell to the ground, I didn’t notice.


He highlighted that there are times when your emotions get the better of youjust like in the case of the boy from Dallas, who was denied an autograph. The Mexican striker apologized and revealed that the bad treatment was due to not separating the sports from the off-field.

‘Chicharito’ with the Galaxy – @ch14_

He assured that together with the people of the LA Galaxythey are already looking for the little fanatic to chat, ask for an apology and even invite him to a coexistence with the Los Angeles team.

I apologize to him and to all his family. I’m talking to people from the Galaxy to see if we can contact him… It wasn’t the best result, when I have something on my mind it takes a long time and my emotions win.


Finally, Javier Hernandez He stressed that it is human and it is normal to make mistakes, although the best thing is the learning that remains and all its lessons. He ruled that everything that happened was not because he felt superior to anyone.

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