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The riddles they are a form of game where certain skills are required to find a solution, although there are different types, most are aimed at people of all ages. During its development, the player is expected to use his ingenuity to reach a solution. According to the definition of the RAE the word “riddle” It comes from the word guess and means an enigma that is proposed as a hobby, where it must be affirmed in a certain time.

If you want to solve the visual puzzle that we present today by cool guru you must make use of your eagle eye and insight, as the following illustration could confuse your perception. Solve the visual puzzle we have for you before the time limit.

What is the riddle about?

This visual challenge is about a letter soup, in it there is a hidden word that you must find before 5 seconds. With this challenge you will be able to spend a pleasant time, you will put your vision and brain into overdrive since you have to process the information of all the possible combinations in each letter in order to reach a solution.

Will you be that alphabet soup master we are looking for?

The positive word you should look for in the alphabet soup is “EMOTION”pay attention because it could be spelled in any direction. You only have 5 seconds.

Photo: cool guru

Mental exercises or visual games are of great importance in cognitive development, especially in children, since, during this stage, children tend to interpret visual material differently or sometimes in a wrong way, with the help of these challenges They can improve visual motor control.


The word emotion begins with the letter “E” which is in the lower right corner.

Photo: cool guru

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