Boy dies run over by his father in Méndez, Tamaulipas

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A terrible tragedy lives a family, because unintentionally A father ran over his 2-year-old son.when he tried to move his truck in reverse.

The events occurred this Friday, in a address in the municipality of Méndez, Tamaulipas where, according to what was reported by the authorities, the child’s mother indicated that her husband asked her to take care of the child because he had to move the truck.

The lady explained that he saw his son playing in the yardwith the rest of her siblings, while she was in the kitchen, doing housework.

Everything seemed normal until heard a loud scream which caused her to run away, at that moment she saw her husband crying with the little boy in her arms.

They immediately requested the support of an ambulance, however when the paramedics checked the body, they confirmed that the child no longer had vital signsso they gave part to the Investigative Police.

Heartbreaking moments were experienced in the place, because the mother, knowing that the child had lost his life, threw herself to the ground, and then took him in her arms, while her father experienced a strong nervous breakdown and had to be attended by lifeguards.

According to the paramedics the minor had several fractures in the body for the blows that the vehicle had given him.

Subsequently, the expert services of the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) carried out the removal of the body and transferred it to the amphitheater of the unit in San Fernando.

In the meantime the father of the child and responsible for the accident was made available of the Attorney General’s Office, a dependency that will determine their legal situation.


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