Blind and in a wheelchair: After 30 years on Televisa and losing exclusivity, gallant appears on ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A famous soap opera actorwho was one of the most sought-after leading men on Mexican television for 30 years in Televisaappears in networks of today program well, his daughter Gabriella Catano had to undergo a surgery in the eye. Is about Jorge Salinaswho in recent years has had health problems that have put him On the verge of death and they have made him have dificulty to walkwhat he would have done to her gain a few kilos.

Salinas debuted on Televisa in 1991 and has starred in telenovelas such as Three women, Mariana of the night, The virgin wife, Fire in the blood, My heart is yours Y passion and power. In 2018, the 53-year-old actor lost its exclusive contract on television and it was caught in a wheelchair due to various spinal problems. Then, in 2020, he was caught using a cane while having difficulty walkingwhich made him gain weight, looking unrecognizable.

Jorge Salinas had a drastic physical change

The soap opera heartthrob, who is married to the actress Elizabeth Alvarez after divorcing his first wife, he later explained that he suffered from strong pains by spinal problems and was even about to die after suffering a pulmonary embolismhowever, refused to submit to surgery at the time because there was a risk of be paralyzed. With therapy and exercises, she gradually managed to recover her figure and improve her health, and it is even said that she will return to Las Estrellas in a new melodrama.

The actor, who is married to the famous soap opera villain Elizabeth Alvarez, has continued to work on the Las Estrellas channel despite the fact that he no longer has a contract. Although she was away for a while looking for opportunities, he returned to participate in I give you life Y SOS I’m falling in love. In the latter, she gave life to a blind manrole that at first he refused to take since he was not the protagonist, however, he confessed that it was a great job challenge after in 2011 he played a character in a wheelchair in The one who could not lovetelenovela that is being rebroadcast.

Jorge Salinas has had important work challenges

And now the famous Mexican heartthrob appears on the account of Twitter of today program well, his daughter Gabriella Cataño-Salinaswhom he procreated with the beautiful actress Adriana Catano in the 90’s. A few days ago, the histrion celebrated her birthday and she gave him a tender congratulations, however, now they reappeared in the same note since the influencer underwent a surgery to remove one fleshiness of his left eyewhich left her with a black eye and a little swollen.

“The procedure took about 6 minutes. The whole process took 20 minutes. First they put a few drops in your eye to numb the area a bit. Then they go in with several injections of lidocaine into the inside of the eyelid and the top… They use a tool under the eyelid, which turns it inside out. They make a small incision and start to drain the chalazion. They remove, put gauze over the eye for about 15 minutes,” he said through his instagram stories.

Twitter @program_today

After the intervention, the daughter of Jorge Salinas showed how the process was through photographs and clarified that she had been recovering for several days. Until this Tuesday she was the one who showed the result and commented that it no longer hurt, so in the next few days it would continue to improve: “It is no longer swollen eye, is still purple, but in a couple of days it will clear up. The red is totally normal, the doctor has already told me many times, it no longer hurts, “he concluded.

Gabriella showed the process

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