Ben Affleck: they analyze his face and reveal that the reason for his tiredness is Jennifer Lopez

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After 20 years, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They consolidated their sentimental relationship with a private wedding in The Vegas, Nevada. After that, the couple with their children visited Paris.

During the trip, the actor was seen sleeping when the family took a boat trip on the Seine River, which caused netizens to make a series of Ben Affleck memes and the reasons why he fell asleep, arguing that JLo has sold out.

For this reason, body language expert Maryfer Centeno analyzed the before and after of Ben Affleck’s face, revealing that the “Batman” actor is definitely tired of “doing the delicious thing.”

In her YouTube video, the specialist commented that before being with Jennifer Lopez, the actor: “He looked slightly plumper, he had no wrinkles, his chin was raised, without a doubt full of life, in his role as “Batman” and even that the character is tormented but what does this face have to do with this face…it has wrinkles where it didn’t before”.

“We see how his hand is the one that goes forward, therefore it has a leading role in the relationship and she lets herself be loved, she lets Ben Affleck be the masculine energy, letting him be the shield, which in Ben has found a man with whom she feels protected and he seems to be tired of the situation, “continued the also graphologist.

Jennifer Lopez’s signature reveals that it is very sensual

And it is that according to the expert revealed after analyzing the couple’s signatures, that satisfying Jennifer Lopez can be very tiring.

“All the lower parts of the writing are sexuality imagine how horny JLo is, the lower parts are big, thick and very constant. She is optimistic, she is vain, extremely disciplined and very aesthetic but also very tormented”

“He has an addictive brain, he can become a very neurotic personhe is also a dominant person in the delicious because of how distrustful he is“, commented Maryfer Centeno, who added when seeing the photographs that: “It is undeniable that there is love between the two of them, there is no distance between them, she looks at him with great devotion.”

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