Awanta! The Earth is spinning faster and we broke the record for the shortest day

Do you feel that you do not give up the day? Well, science may have an explanation… quite strange, but an explanation. turns out world scientists have noticed that the Earth is spinning faster and faster and that makes the days are getting shorter. In fact, the past June 29, 2022 just been declared the shortest day since the 1960s —when we began to measure these things accurately.

It is estimated that the day is over 1.59 milliseconds sooner than expected.

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It sounds like a completely ridiculous difference, but it is part of a rather interesting trend: the Land tour each time faster and every time we are breaking more speed records.

In fact, as reported in a study published in the Journal of Geophysical Researchlast year our planet had witnessed the shortest 28 days in history and the previous record had been broken when the July 19, 2021 midnight came forward 1.47 milliseconds.

the earth accelerating

It turns out that scientists have long noted that the Earth can speed up or slow down in all kinds of situations.

As they explained to Guardianin years when strong climatic winds —associated with the El Niño phenomenon— come quite solid, the days have been extended by half a millisecond. In opposite cases like earthquakes, the days get faster. They remembered, for example, the day of the tsunami in 2004 that shortened that night by 3 milliseconds.

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In fact, historically we are moving slower than it was millions of years ago.

A study presented by Dr. Alastair Gunn of the University of Manchester I calculated that it does 600 million years, at the time of the Cambrian explosion —when life began to emerge— the Earth was going ma…. completing a day in just 21 hours.

So what does it have to do with the fact that we are accelerating again?

The truth is that not even scientists know what is happening. Some claim that It is about oceanic movements, atmospheric winds, the internal crusts on the planet or even climatic changes.

The interesting thing is in the controversy. Although we thought that nothing would happen for a few milliseconds or so, scientists —especially specialists in physical matters— are attacked by the idea of ​​having to move the Atomic clock that rules the Earth. are thinking about add a “repeated second” to it to catch up with planetary speed.

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