Anette Michel looks spectacular from the beach and is confirmed as the most beautiful driver

The beautiful Anette Michel has conquered Mexican television for years and now it has been in charge of stealing sighs on social networks. The one born in Guadalajara constantly dazzles her fans with the postcards that she uploads, like the last one she posted on Instagram, where she looks very beautiful posing from the beach.

At the end of last year Michel returned to Televisa with the telenovela “Contigo Sí” as one of the villains of the story, something that was very surprising, since she is usually very kind in real life, but now his fans are waiting for him to announce a new project.

The last project prior to that was in 2018, however, on TV Azteca, her old house, unfortunately there was no project that matched what she wanted, so she left the MasterChef forums and looked for new airs, that is why she became a partner of Danilo Carrera, Alejandra Robles Gil, Brandon Peniche, Manuel Landeta and Lisardo. His performance received very good reviews.

Anette is one of the most beautiful drivers

Anette was seen from the beach, apparently one of her favorite places, with red and black sunglasses and a white swimsuit. As expected, the comment box was quickly filled with compliments.

She is very loved by Mexicans, because her career began at a very young age, because at the age of 14 she ventured into modeling, for which she moved to CDMX, shortly after she managed to participate in a program called “Hollywood DF”. After that he was alternating between acting and driving.

However, in recent years Anette Michel has become known for her role as a television presenter and her participation in MasterChef, so many think that she has always done that, but the truth is that she is also a very good actress and model. He has many fans for his style and charisma.


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