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The Mexican Soccer Federation would already have the person to fill the position of the new direction of Women’s National Teams: halftime was able to confirm that Andrea Rhodebaugh will be chosen to take the reins of the area.

Currently, rhodebaugh works in the area of development of women’s football at FIFA in the region of Concacaf and Conmebol; its management as a directive is one of the arguments of louis yonpresident of the FMF, to return it to Mexican soccer.

It should be remembered that Andrea directed in the Women’s MX League to Women’s Xolos during the League Cup in the summer of 2017 and in the first year and a half of life of the border team.

Justly louis yon highlighted that within 10 days the announcement will be given of the new director of Women’s National Teams.

Who is Andrea Rodebaugh?

Andrea is a Mexican former soccer player considered one of the best in the history of women’s soccer in Mexico; she participated in the USA World Cup 1999 and is part of a litter of former players who have promoted Mexican women’s soccer from managerial positions or on the bench.

It will be your immediate tasks

Arriving at the new address of the FMF, rhodebaugh must make a decision about the continuity to Monica Vergara as coach of the senior women’s team, after the coach’s failure in the Monterrey World Cup. The Tri failed to get one of four and a half tickets to Australia-New Zealand 2023.

The following tasks will be reorder the U-20 draft that next week begins its participation in the World Cup in Costa Rica; aothers must analyze a new coaching staffafter the cessation of Maribel Dominguez for allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by female players.

For now, Ana Galindo -directs to the Under-17is in charge of that Under-20; even, on Andrea’s earrings there will also be the topic of Ana herself, who in these months has had a series of opportunities Not only for women, but also for men.

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