AMLO remembers heart attack in 2013

Huamantla, Tlaxcala.- The president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recalled this Friday the heart attack he had in December in 2013emphasizing that he was saved by timely medical attention, but revealed that the pain was so great that he felt that “I came to resign myself, because I could no longer, I couldn’t bear that pain anymore”.

When supervising the progress of the IMSS Welfare services in this municipality, the head of the federal Executive assured that his “vein was completely closed” and thanks to the quick intervention from a cardiologist saved his life.

“I am telling you about this because I suffered it and I was saved because they treated me on time. My vein and artery were completely closed, I arrived at the emergency room at 2:00 in the morning and that medicine they have there, they applied it to me and it opened the artery a little.

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It was so much pain that I had that I came to resign myself, because I could no longer, I could not bear that pain, those who have had heart attack you know what I’m talking about. Fortunately, the artery opened a little. Because of that intervention on time and the cardiologist arrived, the specialist, they already operated on me, they did a catheterization and they saved me,” he said.

Having experienced this, President López Obrador, accompanied by Governor Lorena Cuéllar (Morena), promised to build a specialized unit in the entity to do operations that has to do with catheterization, and equip her with everything she needs.

“So having that here is important and being able to do the catheterization that there is only in Puebla, but there is not in Tlaxcala, so we have to make that commitment that the patient can go from here to Tlaxcala and have the specialists there to save him. life,” he said.

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