Altair Jarabo celebrates 36 years of beauty and these are her best PHOTOS

Between the happiness of being a full woman at almost 36 years old and beauty as a standard that fits perfectly in her being, Altair Jarabo is one of those Mexican celebrities that wherever it stands it causes a sensation and good vibes. Loved by her co-workers and always cautious before the media, Altair stands out without the need for scandals or dimes and diretes, she is simply natural and elegant.

Precisely the elegance and poise is something that can be highlighted this Sunday, August 7, when she reaches 36 years of life, a special moment for her and her husband that will surely leave a celebration to remember.

With this as a preamble, the Altair Jarabo’s 36th birthday It can be well understood through some of his best photographs, those that define his attractive way of being.

Altair Jarabo, 36 years old and very poised

This is what can best be seen in her in each of her images, whether in postcards on social networks where she shows the lifestyle she leads in her European life next to her husband. When it’s not that, she can be seen with friends at special events and, at her time, within the recording forums.

Altair always has a good time and here is proof of it.

When it comes to enjoying the beach, the smile is not separated from her and the favorite color she chooses is yellow, the same one that she loves in sunflowers and that goes so well with her skin tone.

When it comes to shimmering like a queen, what better time than on her wedding day, in a spectacular white dress and her finely chiseled face.

To top it off, a casual summer outfit ideal for traveling, one of her favorite activities where she can learn more about the world and share what she perceives of the world with friends and the public.


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