Alexander Zverev revealed that he has type 1 diabetes and created a foundation to fight it

alexander zverevGerman tennis player who suffered a shocking injury during Roland Garrosrevealed that he has suffered from diabetes since he was 4 years old and will create a foundation that fights and helps children with type 1 diabetes and prevent type 2.

“August 6, 2022 is a very special day for me and my family. Today the Alexander Zverev Foundation has officially come to life, supporting children with type 1 diabetes and helping people prevent type 2 diabetes by living healthy and active lives.

“Our mission is to provide insulin and life-saving medicines to children in developing countries and in need. And as a type 1 diabetic, I want to encourage kids with diabetes to never give up on their dreams no matter what others may tell you. ‘The only limit is the one you put on yourself,'” the tennis player wrote in Instagram.

The winner of 19 titles of the ATP and medal in Tokyo Olympics 2022 He revealed to DPA that when he was a child he did not think about the disease, but now with the successes he has had, he wants to send the message that no one gives up.

“When I was little I didn’t think much about this, then more and more. I want to show that you can go very far with this disease. Currently, with a career in tennis and successes, I feel safe to go public”, he commented.

The 25-year-old tennis player, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 21 years, wants everyone to be privileged like him, but he also wants to help prevent the disease and raise awareness of it.

Zverev in an ATP game

“I want to be an example for people who suffer from the disease, also a support for children who can still avoid getting diabetes with an active life and proper prevention.

“I think I am privileged because I always wanted to play tennis, travel the world and I got it”, he concluded. alexander zverev.


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