This is the MILLIONAIRE figure that Ricky Martin should pay Jwan Yosef if they DIVORCE

These last few weeks have been very difficult for Ricky Martinbecause after his nephew accused him of domestic violence his image was tarnished, but apparently it also affected his family and especially his husband Jwan YosefWell, it is rumored that the artist did not support the singer in this legal situation, so there are strong rumors that there could be a divorce in which the Puerto Rican would have to to pay to her husband one millionaire figure from his fortune.

What in the past was being handled as a perfect marriage between Ricky Martin and JWan Yosefapparently it was not like in fairy tales, as it is rumored that they bring a problem that could become divorce, since sources assure that the painter did not support the Puerto Rican at all when his nephew accused him of domestic violence, because he thought it was true and had been the victim of betrayal. However, the authorities pointed out that the singer is innocent.

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