They “bitter” the honeymoon of former mayor of San Miguel de Allende

Those who walk “in long tablecloths” in Guanajuato, they tell us, are the former mayor of San Miguel de Allende Luis Alberto Villarreal Garcia (PAN) and the elected governor of Aguascalientes, Maria Teresa Jimenez Esquivel (PAN), well, apparently, they got married in mid-July in an intimate wedding with only 50 guests in the capital of Guanajuato, which they tried to make it something discreet, but everyone already found out. However, we are told that in the city council of San Miguel de Allende, headed by Mauricio Trejo Pureco (PRI), want to make Don Alberto’s celebration bitter, since they denounced alleged inconsistencies for 93 million pesos during his administration (2018 to 2021) that are investigated by the municipal comptroller. How are you!

Come deputies cover-up

Who “makes an ant eye” in Baja California Sur, they tell us, is the local deputy Guadalupe Moreno Higuera (Morena), because he refuses to report on the impeachment trial (the first in the state against a local deputy) against John Perez Cayetano (Morena), accused of sexual abuse. They tell us that, under pressure from activists and groups that accompanied the victim, a process began in the Legislature last May, but it has not happened since then, for which several accuse Doña Guadalupe and the president of the Governing and Coordination Board. Politics, Louis Armando Diaz (PT), of overlapping and postponing the process, betting on oblivion and making a “wax beak” of the case, but what about in the campaign when everything was promises…

Pray for 5 minutes with Durazo

From Sonora, they tell us that the last virtual conference of the governor Alfonso Durazo (Morena) caught the attention of locals and strangers, because the former local deputy repeatedly appeared in the comments Rodolfo Lizarraga (PT) begging for an appointment with the president and for him to give her just five minutes to explain her case, since the state prosecutor Claudia Indira Contreras “don’t peel it”. They explain to us that, last January, Mr. Rodolfo’s home was robbed and generated a “halo of mysteries” and pressure on the authorities, who arrested five allegedly involved, one of them Bryan Juarez, partner of Mr. Rodolfo and who, supposedly, had nothing to do with the robbery. Will don Alfonso listen to him?

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