They analyze a suspected case of monkeypox in Torreón

The Secretary of Health of Coahuila reported this Thursday of a suspected case of monkeypox identified in a patient who attended a clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in the municipality of Torreón.

The head of the state agency, Roberto Bernal Gómez, announced that the sample was taken at the IMSS care unit and that the State Public Health Laboratory was notified in a timely manner. The latter sent the sample to the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) so the result is awaited.

In social networks, a document was circulated this afternoon by the Head of the Medical Benefits Services of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), dated August 3 of this year, where a probable case of monkeypox is reported by the Hospital General de Zona con Medicina Familiar (HGZMF) No. 16.

Reportedly, The case corresponds to a 34-year-old male patient with a clinical picture that began on July 23, with general malaise, hyaline rhinorrhea, headache, unquantified fever, oral ulcers, asthenia and adynamia, myalgia and arthralgia. Subsequently, a vesicular papular-type exanthema was added on the arms, chest, back, and face, mainly, as well as left cervical adenopathy.

In the briefing note, It is reported that the patient currently has skin lesions in the crust phase, mostly on the chest, face and arms, accompanied by itching.absence of fever, is in home isolation for medical indication with symptomatic treatment.

According to Social Security, the man has a history of evaluation in the Social Security Respiratory Care Module (MARSS) of the same unit and it was the first of August. He was summoned on August 2 to take samples in the laboratory, however, the patient did not show up and could not be located.

The person denied travel history, contact with someone with skin lesions and their contacts are asymptomatic.

The IMSS, in accordance with the criteria for the operational definition of a probable case, proceeded to fill out the epidemiological study and the samples were taken according to the regulated indications for their shipment through Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 6 and the State Public Health Laboratory of Coahuila.

It is worth mentioning that, given the report of positive cases of monkeypox in different entities of the country, In previous days, the Coahuila Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological notice to public and private health institutionsin order to notify suspicious clinical pictures of said disease.

Martha Alicia Romero Reyna, deputy director of Prevention and Health Promotion in the state, said this week to The Century of Torreon that the operational definition had already been made known to the health units and that the Ministry of Health maintains epidemiological surveillance, in addition to the fact that hospitals have the route to notify and follow up.

Diagnosis of Monkeypox virus is made through PCR of material from skin lesions in specialized public health laboratories, in addition to culture analysis and immunohistochemical tests (antibody staining of tissues).

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