The public is furious with Toni Costa for how he is talking about Salvador Zerboni and Ivonne Montero

Toni Costa has advanced to the final of La Casa de los Famosos together with Ivonne Montero, Salvador Zerboni and Nacho Casano. However, many believe that the Spaniard has begun to lose his temper and there are those who say: “There is the true face of Toni Costa.”

After the elimination of Daniella Navarro, Toni Costa and Nacho Casano spoke in the room, and it was there that Adamari López’s ex said: “Stay with these two individuals.” It seems that the dancer does not see favorably the pass to the grand final of Montero and Zerboni. Now the fans are very upset with the Spaniard, as they claim that in recent days, he has not only been seen to speak ill of Ivonne, but also to be double-faced with Salvador Zerboni. Who is there on hand to joke with, but does not dare to tell him everything he thinks of him to his face.

The fans are upset with Toni, because now he is dedicated to telling Nacho that Salvador Zerboni is a coward, but he shuts up when he is close or in front of him. This is why fans of the program and who follow the show closely through 24/7 now say: “Toni showing her true face! I don’t know how he got to the final, because I don’t see the great people he has, just like Nacho. There is a strange pod with that program. The other Daniella, after swimming so much, drowned in the shallows, for being tasty and -preaching- that she did and the other did not.”

And the fans say much more against Toni: “Toni has even made me think that he likes Daniella, 🤷‍♀️because it hurt him that she came out and he is acting kind of weird. I don’t like that Toni”, “My God hahaha @toni you want your daughter to look at this for God’s sake”, “When Toni comes out and sees all the videos, he is going to be very surprised, now Nacho is his closest friend when he never put up with him and even said that he wanted to hit him.”

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