The love story of Andrea Escalona and Marco, the father of her son

Andrea Escalona He began his relationship with the current father of his son during the celebration of his 35th birthday.

Although they had already seen each other before, that day was definitive, because he says that he knew that Marco could be the father of his children.

“I saw him and it was a crush, we danced all night, after that we spent the weekend together, he is from Acapulco, we have a long-distance relationship. Although we constantly come and go, I spent Christmas with him and many other special moments together, “Andrea said in an interview.

From there arose the love relationship between the host of the morning show “Hoy” and Marco, dedicated to a lumber business in his city, and who, according to the host, is “the right person to be the father of his children.” .

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“Since we heard the news, we embraced her with a lot of love, there was fear, because as much as one wants throughout his life, when you already face it like this, you wonder if you will be ready, but one thing is that you do not plan something and another that you do not want something, but all my life I had wanted to be a mother, ”said Escalona.

Between the celebration where the sex of the baby (boy) was revealed, the celebration for the anniversary of the program “Hoy” and his birthday on August 6, Escalona has experienced bittersweet moments due to the absence of his mother, the producer Magda Rodríguez, who died on November 1, 2020 due to hypovolemic shock, which prevented her heart from continuing to pump.

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“I miss Magda every day, beyond a special day, maybe right now I’m more emotional because of the pregnancy, but I think of her every day, it’s not that you get over it but that you learn to live with it”, shared.

Although the birth of her son does not make up for the loss of her mother, Andrea said that it has meant that she feels whole again.

Instagram Andrea Escalona.

“When I had my mother, I felt that nothing bad was going to happen to me, because she was there, I felt that there could be a pandemic, lightning strike, but nothing was going to happen because we were together, it gave me confidence.

“When he left I felt aimless, disoriented, and when I found out I was pregnant I had that direction again, that certainty that now with my baby, I know that everything will be fine,” she added excitedly.

The driver is 15 weeks pregnant.

Instagram Andrea Escalona.

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