Someone has already completed the “hardest in the world of video games” challenge

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They Said It Was Impossible And For Nearly Two Decades This Is Just What It Seemed. but this weeka streamer named Jervalin beat the “LASO deathless” challenge from Halo 2 and he won 20,000 dollars for his feat.

let’s rewind a little. Earlier this summer, the YouTuber Charles “Cr1tikal” White he said he would pay a reward of 5000 dollars to anyone who could go Halo 2 without dying in the maximum game difficultythat is, with all challenge modifiers activated. In the 18 years that have passed since the launch of Halo 2 for Xbox, no one had shown any proof of being able to complete the challenge. White made a clear rule: it was necessary to stream the entire gameeither on YouTube or on Twitch. In July, no one had managed to overcome the challenge, so the last month, the youtuber decided to upload the reward up to $20,000.

Most of the people who have been following the challenge has been very attentive to Jervalin, a modest streamer who has beaten several world records in various halo challenges. Well just over a day ago, he finally got it. (Here you have the streaming of the game).

Jervalin was surprisingly quiet after finish the several people had come to classify as the “most difficult challenge in the world of the videosgames”.

It’s okay that this is the challenge harder thanthe world of videogames” is subjective. But surely it must be within the most top of the ranking. To overcome it, there you activate all the skulls in the game, some modifiers which markedly increased the difficulty of Halo 2doing things like making enemies invisible, having more health, or giving you less ammo.

Various professional players Halo decided to delay your games to see how Jervalin rose to the challenge and the entire game community did not hesitate to raise to the youtuber to the category of “Legend”.

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