Renata Masciarelli, player of America, receives death threats

Renata Masciarelli, an América player, received death threats from someone believed to be an Atlas fan. | Photo: Instagram.

Renata Masciarelli, archer of the America Women’s Clubwas threatened with death by a supposed follower of the Atlas, this is how the player made it known this Tuesday night on social networks after she was attacked.

Through a private message on Twitter, a user, whom Renata recognized as “Paco”, sent a series of intimidating messages to the player of the love in which he told her that she would be attacked by him or his friends.

“I will only be brief. I see you and I throw your car into your truck or I wait outside the apartments and I don’t care if you’re a woman. I’ll give you a madriza or my friends, I already told them, I gave them a fair and they agreed to be watching you because you think we’re here now. I don’t care if you’re old, I’m going over you and blowing you out of control. Many eggs? Now you are going to see reality.”

However, threats did not end there, since the aggressor also told Masciarelli that the police would use to put her in jail.

“You take care of me. Oh and another thing, I know cops from the sector, maybe and they stop you and stick you with drugs or something and you’re going to hit the 50 and not even Ame is going to take away the little packages you have in the car or on you. He starts the clock right now.”

The threats against the America player occurred after she defended herself from the insults she had previously received from a man, also on social networks.

after what happened Masciarelli received the support of fans and followers who encouraged her to file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

According to the Pasión Águila site, the user who threatened to kill Renata Masciarelli deleted his Twitter account after intimidating the athlete. Nevertheless, Renata pointed out in a tweet that the aggressor user was using a false profile.

Other Threatened America Players

In January 2021, when Jana Gutierrez was part of the Club América Femenil received death threats from various users of social networks, after the group cream blue It was measured in a duel against the Mazatlán FC squad.

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