Puebla vs Pumas will be played on September 23 – David Medrano

Puebla and Pumas agreed to play their pending game tonight, on Friday, September 23 within the FIFA Date, which means that the teams run the risk of not being complete in case they have players called up to the different teams. In the case of Pumas, they could not count on Dani Alves since on September 22, that is, the day before, Brazil will face the Argentine National Team in Sao Paulo. The meeting could not be held due to the trip of the university students to Barcelona and after looking for an accommodation, they found that the only space was within the September FIFA Date.


The term that Liga MX granted to clubs to transfer players who have been active in the current tournament has ended and from now on only players who have not played in the current championship can register before September 5. The regulation states that the deadline was August 3 and the term ended without incident. The players who changed teams with the championship underway did not have minutes with the team that transferred them, among them are Ormeño who went from León to Chivas, Loroña from Xolos to Tigres, Ocejo from Santos to Atlas and Govea from Santos to Xolos . Players who have not performed for their club can still be transferred in this tournament, as long as they have not played a single minute of the current competition.


It was confirmed that the injury suffered by Aldo Rocha is a muscle tear, which means that the Atlas captain will be out of circulation for between three and six weeks, which leaves him out even of the possibility of being taken into account for the game of the Mexican National Team against Paraguay where the Mexican coach, Gerardo Martino, had him on the radar among the players who could be called up for said match. Rocha suffered a myofascial muscle tear and depending on the size of the tear it could take up to six weeks to recover. The midfielder is also summoned to next week’s Liga MX Stars match against MLS in Minneapolis and will not be able to play.


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