Profeco reveals which are the most resistant notebooks on the market

Before the return to classes 2022, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) revealed, after an analysis, what are the notebooks more resistant.

After conducting a study of 34 professional-size notebooks, Profeco determined which pastes resisted detachment.

These are the notebooks that qualified as “Excellent” after the Profeco study.

  • 100 sheet stitched standard
  • Office Max Spiral Notebook
  • Manufactures 8-A, Roca Plus
  • Scribe in black 2270
  • First Class hard cover model 5038
  • First Class hardcover model 5040
  • First Class hard cover model 4571
  • Norma Jean Book
  • First Class hard cover model 4507
  • Scribe In colors model 1070
  • Scribe Excellence hardcover
  • Back 2 School sewn
  • Scribe Mega Plus model 7510

Two of the notebooks, such as the Stitched Color Standard and the Stitched Star Model 0541, obtained an excellent rating.

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In the Profeco evaluation, tests were carried out on 34 professional-size notebooks of 90, 100 and 105 sheets, sewn or with a metal and plastic spiral.

Of those 34 notebooks evaluated, seven have unlaminated covers and the other 27 have laminated covers.

Other laminated notebooks of 100 and 105 sheets obtained the “sufficient” rating.

Some of them are:

  • Norma Girly Notes
  • Standard ONE
  • nine to five
  • Sazz model RY93448
  • U-Pack model 668542

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