Pascacio ‘N’, Vanessa Bauche’s aggressor, is linked to a sexual abuse process – El Financiero

The actress Vanessa Bauche filed a criminal complaint in December 2020 against Pascacio “N”, with whom she shared credits in the series neighbors war, for crimes of sexual abuse and against dignity, since she felt attacked in her workplace. After little more than a year and a half, the also actor was linked to process in the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Officenews that he shared through his social networks.

Victory. Justice has been served after more than a year of waiting. My aggressor has been linked to the process for my criminal complaint filed since December 2020 in the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office,” Bauche wrote in his Instagram stories.

Recently, who was part of the cast of Loves Dogs revealed the consequences that the aggression brought both mentally and physically after undergoing a healing process with specialists with whom she lost 16 kilos after being prediabetic. The person involved, arrested in Guadalajara, has assured that everything is a setup.

One of the acts that Bauche claimed he experienced was a supposed forced kiss. “Thank you very much for opening the legal path and acting with a gender perspective. It goes for me and for all”, added Vanessa, who thanked her legal, management and strategy team, her friends, her family and God.

Also, told director Fernando Sariñana to cover it up and run a black campaign against him. Bauche participated in the Guanajuato International Film Festival with the ‘zero violence against women’ campaign.

Vanessa Bauche is not the only one who denounced Pascacio “N”

Before Bauche, another actress raised her voice against Pascacio. Sarah Nichols worked with both in the same production available on Netflix. She assured windowing that she was sexually abused after attending a meeting on a terrace.

Although he confided that he was very afraid to speak, he was encouraged to seek justice so that this behavior does not continue to occur. “I am looking for a conviction because that is justice, because I I began to recognize that if I didn’t speak up I was allowing this man to be disguised as a decent human being. and allowing him to probably continue to hurt more people, “he argued.

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