Pascacio López: Who is he and what is the actor’s career?

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In the last hours the actor Pascacio López has been a trend on social networks and the main internet search engines due to his recent link to the process for the crime of sexual abuse.

Who is Pascacio Lopez?

Pascacio Lopez is a 52-year-old Mexican actor from the state of Chiapas. At the age ofAt the age of 16, he left his entity and traveled to Mexico City to begin his studies in law; however, during the first semester of his career received the invitation to participate in a casting for a short film, this because he physically fulfilled the characteristics that the filmmakers were looking for in the character.

After this he managed to get the role and it was at that moment that decided that he wanted to dedicate his life to acting on stage, which is why he studied various courses until he got to the theater, where he participated in a couple of plays.

For the year 2013 came his first great opportunity hand in hand with Carlos Bolado, in the short film ‘Colosium; The murder’. He also participated in ‘Cinco de Mayo: The Battle’.

Two years later he would join the world of cinema with the film ‘Lone Stars’ Y would reach the maximum projection with the television series ‘El Torito’, ‘Rosario Scissors 2’ and ‘Beauty and the Beasts’.

His career grew to the point be part of international casts, as his participation alongside Silvester Stallone in the film ‘Rambo: The Last Blood’; productions are added to the list ‘The Goddess of Asphalt’ and ‘The Sins of Barbara’.

His latest projects include the comedy series ‘War of Neighbors’ released in 2021, which represented his debut on streaming platforms and ‘Relentless Code’.

The actor He was arrested on March 16 in Mexico City. and linked to the process this Wednesday for the crime of sexual abuse against the actress and cast partner Vanessa Bauche.


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