Now, needle attacks – Women receive “pricks” with chemicals in public places in Spain and France

The phenomenon of “punctures” of women in nightclubs such as bars and discos begins to break into Spanish territory after having claimed victims in other parts of Europe, such as Belgium and the United Kingdom.

By Ana Beatriz Farias de Oliveira, RFI correspondent in Spain

Madrid, August 4 (RFI).– On Twitter, comments from women who say they have suffered the attack during some nocturnal leisure activity. In one of the cases, registered in a thread that adds up to more than 70 thousand likes and more than 30 thousand responses, the young Miriam Alba, 20 years old, explains that he was in a nightclub in Barcelona when he felt a sting on his thigh.

Then, according to the story, she asked the club doorman for help, who sat her down on a sofa, where, about 10 minutes later, she began to feel signs of blackout.

In the publication, Miriam, who was taken to the hospital after the event, attached the medical report related to the case, which occurred on Wednesday, July 27. According to the young woman, the team responsible for the care he did not identify what substance had been injected into his body.


As Miriam Alba did, several other women (who constitute the majority of the people who suffered the attacks) have denounced violent actions of this type in recent days. There have been dozens of cases in regions such as Catalonia, the Basque Country, Cantabria and Andalusia, which are being investigated by the Spanish security authorities. In one of the episodes, the presence of liquid ecstasy in the victim’s body was confirmed. In many others, although the victims are tested, no foreign substance is detected.

The phenomenon of “punctures” begins to break into Spanish territory after having claimed victims in other parts of Europe, such as Belgium and the United Kingdom. In France, more than 800 cases have been registered. People who suffer from it often report nausea, vomiting and even loss of control. This adds to the presentation of the bite mark.


On Wednesday, the Minister of Justice of Spain, Pilar Llop, referred to the issue, acknowledging that it is a phenomenon that “is still not well understood.” Pilar recommended that the victims of this type of aggression, described by her as “serious acts of gender violence”, report it.

The Minister also highlighted that assaults are crimes of injuries that “could be more serious if we knew what the true intentions are” and said that “depraved” attitudes are driving women away from public places.

“We have to know exactly what the motivations of the perpetrators are,” says Pilar, who also assures that the government is working to effectively combat violent actions.


Radio France International

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