Naucalpan: Supposed Ministers Threaten Family With Arms; watch video

Three individuals with weapons threatened a family in Naucalpan. Photo: Video Capture

In a video that circulates on social networks, the threat of presumed ministerial agents, who hold long weapons, against a family that circulates in their vehicle in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

In the images you can see, at least, three subjects, who, after showing off as police officers, ask the driver to get out of his vehicle for no apparent reasonwhile threateningly they show him the long guns.

Armed subjects threaten the family in Naucalpan

The three subjects at all times, insist that the driver get off of the car; however, the man does not and asks the woman who is with him to dial 911 for helpat the insistence of the three individuals who hit the window glass with their fingers and say threatening words, scaring children traveling in the vehicle.

-Look, friend, whatever we are going to get you off, you bring your family, don’t scare them away-, one of the subjects tells the driver.

-You are the one who is scaring her, boss-, the driver of the vehicle replies.

One of the men who puts his fingers on the trigger of his long gun, as if to scare the driver, tells him not to talk to him hit and with a high-sounding word makes him understand that he too can get heavy, “Lend me an ID, don’t be silly,” so the driver asks his companion to dial 911.

-Did you know? He dials 911 and asks for a…-says the driver to the woman who accompanies him, without being allowed to finish the sentence; the subjects outside tell him yes, that he ask for support, but two of them leave the driver’s window.

-What are you accusing me of? Says the man who goes with his family.

-You abuse bringing a license plate, you abuse, my children come here and I’m sick, here are my lupus results-, the woman who is sitting in the passenger seat tells them.

Armed men say it is an “investigation” for driver to get off

But one of the subjects insists that he be shown an identification, although he never says why, only that it is part of an “investigation”, while in front of him is a black truck without any apparent color from municipal or state authorities, which stops right in front of the family car.

Nevertheless, a few moments later, a man who appears to be the woman’s father arrives and asks what’s going on; the girl tells him that she already informed them that they are leaving the hospital, but that they are being threatened and, at the insistence of one of the men that the driver get out, the children in the car begin to cry scared.

“You already made my children cry,” the woman says to the subject, an alleged police officer.

Aren’t you going to get off? – insists one of the subjects, and before the refusal, he threatens the driver: Wherever you stop!

The driver starts after the tense moment created by the three subjects; Leaving, you can see the black truck used by these men without any distinction that identifies it as an official vehicle, only a blue light that tries to resemble the one used by the authorities.

  • After the video went viral, possible victims have been asked to report the incident to the authorities

This is not the first time that subjects with the same attitude try to stop drivers in the Mexican municipality and are recorded on video.

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