Nacho Peregrin, Belinda’s brother, opens romance with Alex Speitzer’s ex

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Ignacio Peregrin, the younger brother of Belindaopens a relationship with Minnie West, ex-girlfriend of alex speitzer right before Ester Exposito.

Until a few months ago, “Nachito”, as his sister calls him, dated Miroslava Verdugo who was his sister’s favorite sister-in-law. This year they both broke up with their partners, Belinda with Christian Nodal and Ignacio with the model.

Now it has been the actress Minnie West who shared a photograph with the young man on social networks, with whom it was rumored he had been dating for a few weeks. It’s official, they started a romantic relationship.

The blonde published a gallery with several images posing in the streets and in the end both were seen in front of the lights that seems to be New York sharing a romantic kiss. Nacho, shortly after the publication, wrote “I love you” in the comments, after posts where he only wrote emojis.

The rumors were confirmed. Nacho Peregrin is in a relationship with Minnie West. Followers celebrated this new relationship and told them their best wishes.

“You deserve everything beautiful in life.”

“You already deserved to be very happy.”

“What good tastes you have, Minnie.”

These are some of the comments that can be read on the actress’s official Instagram account. Nacho Peregrin has not published anything with Minnie West on his social networks and only uses his profile for political purposes, the path he chose to follow at work.

Minnie West had a formal relationship with Alejandro Speitzer that lasted six yearsThey shared projects and even businesses, but the actor traveled to Spain and met Ester Expósito who stole his heart and they started a romance that lasted only a few months. Since her breakup with the Mexican actor, Minnie West had not been related to anyone.

Secondly, Ignacio Peregrin kept his love life quite private as he became a candidate for a CDMX deputation in the 2021 elections for the Green Ecologist Party. His Instagram profile took a political turn and left behind the publications with his partners.

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