“My daughter was abandoned at the airport as if she were a suitcase”: mother denounces airline negligence

“Mom, I’m lost” was the message that Patricia received from her daughter, a minor under 13 years of age, who was supposed to be guarded by members of the police team. Aeromar airline; however, the user points out that this was not the case and the minor was lost.

The events, Patricia tells in an interview with Aristegui Noticias, occurred on August 2 at Terminal 2 of the Mexico City Airport, where her daughter’s flight would leave for Zihuatanejo, where she was waiting for her.

“Her dad takes her to the counter, makes the custody payment, a service that we have used many times. It had never happened to us,” says Calderón, who explains that the child custody service consists of accompanying them during their trip: being with them in the waiting room, seeing that they board the correct flight and verifying that when they arrive at their destination they are delivered. to the person previously registered in the documents.

However, in the case of her daughter none of this happened, because the girl was abandoned by the airline team in the waiting room. According to the testimony of the minor, when she saw herself alone and heard the announcement of the departure of a flight to Zihuatanejo, she got up and tried to board the plane; however, she was transported to Terminal 1 by other Aeromar employees.

It was already in Terminal 1 of the AICM that the minor communicated by message with her mother to notify her that she was lost and, contrary to what the custody protocol dictates, the minor did not have her data or her boarding pass in sight. , because this one had been kept by the people who initially had to guard it.

“My daughter is very shy and she was obviously horrified”narrates Patricia, who by video call requested the support of an AICM officer, who assured that she could not help the minor because this task is not part of her surveillance functions.

“The officer tells me no, that she couldn’t help me, she goes back and they leave her alone again,” accuses the woman, who points to the lack of protocols from both the airline and the Mexico City International Airport himself, since he asserts that they do not count as a guide to action to provide help and protection for missing minors.

The girl she was lost for more than an hour. “It was terrifying. Anyone can come and take the girl and take her out of the airport, “says Patricia, who asserts that after the carelessness she only received” a little apology “from the airline.

When questioned about whether she will take legal action, Calderón points out that she requested legal advice; however, her daughter did travel on a free flight the day after the incident so she, she affirms, there is no crime to prosecute and the case did not go beyond a bad experience.

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