Luxury poster for the 89th anniversary at the Arena Mexico

On Friday, September 16, up to two masks will fall on the 89th anniversary of the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

The World Wrestling Councilannounced that for the biggest party in the wrestling there will be an Incredible Couples Eliminator Quadrangular where: “the one from another level” Último Guerrero will team up with “the Master of Storms” Averno, “the Lion Warrior” Templario with Soberano Jr., “the human missile” Stuka Jr. with Atlantis Jr. and “the most sought-after mask in the fight” Atlantis with “el Mosco de la Merced” Fuerza Guerrera.

The rules for the pitched battle that will define who will be the ones who face each other in the stellar fight will be the following:

– A representative of each couple will enter the ring to participate in a pitched battle.

– They will be eliminated by being taken out over the third rope, leaving two fighters outside the ring and two on the ring.

– The confrontation will begin in Simple Relays where the couples of the fighters who were left out will face each other, doing the same with the couples of the fighters who were left on the ring.

– The winning couple of each match will go to the next phase with which a winning couple will be defined.

– The members of the winning couple will face a single fall, in a hand-to-hand fight, exposing their mask or hair.

– In case of a tie, both fighters will lose their mask or hair.

Tickets for this function will be available on August 20 at the Arena México box office or in the Ticketmaster system and also on a pay-per-view basis.

Reyna Isis and Jarochita go for the masks

The Amazons will also expose their unknowns in this great event, since Reyna Isis and Jarochita have already signed the contract for the masks.

Prior to the celebration of 89th anniversary The Independence Cup will be played, which will be divided into two phases; the first to take place on Friday, September 2, the second phase will take place on Friday, September 9, and we will experience the grand finale on Friday, September 16, as part of the 89th anniversary.

A poster worthy of the 89 years of the wrestling Mexican.

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