Luis García declares his love and fondness for América. It’s not a joke!

Today, perhaps it is no longer, but a few decades ago, Luis Garcia I felt something special for America, particularly those Eagles of the 80’s.

In a live he did on TikTok, the former soccer player who emerged from the Pumas, confessed that when he arrived at the team Coapafulfilled one of his dreams.

“That America of the 80s won everything, this love and hate thing for the team had a turning point back then. When I was able to fulfill my dream of playing in the America It was fascinating, wonderful, I was immensely happy in the two years that I was there, ”said the former attacker.

“I insist, I fulfilled my dream of playing in the America because I was an Americanist and I had a great time with excellent coaches, directors, colleagues,” added who was a member of the Mexican teamAtlético de Madrid, among others.

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Garcia Postigo he confesses that Televisa was part of that kind of love that arose in him, when he saw the feathered ones in their golden age.

“My stage in America it was fascinating. When I was a kid, I was an Americanist because I started watching soccer in the 80s, I was 10 or 11 years old, I saw them on Televisa because they only went to America. Unlike now that so many games are broadcast, back then it wasn’t like that.” he asserted.

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