Lis Vega toasted to the wonders of life, magical beauty

From Playa del Carmen, the vedette Lis Vega showed how to wear the best beach looks with the latest trends without losing our own essence along the way. The latest photos of her on Instagram are the best example of this, as she chose to enjoy the afternoon in a beautiful dress in a vibrant seasonal color.

If there is something that characterizes the celebrity of Cuban origin, it is the good fashion sense with which she enhances her enigmatic beauty. Always with clothes that favor the silhouette and allow her to show off the wonderful physique that she retains at 44 years of age, the singer is a benchmark of urban style.

this time Lisa Vega walked the streets of the beautiful port of Quintana Roo in an innovative bright orange monochromatic look made up of simple but well thought out garments. Unlike other occasions, the actress left aside the prints and opted for wearing a corrugated midi dress.

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To stylize her outfit, the dancer from ‘The stars dance in Today’ used XL platform sandals in the same color as the garment. As the only accessory, she was seen wearing large earrings, which had a white and silver craft design.

However, the protagonists on this occasion were the two braids attached to the skull that hung on their sides. This hairstyle has begun to take hold among celebrities, prospecting its “boom” for next year’s spring-summer season with the return of fashion in 2010.

In the description the Urban Poet She left an emotional message, where she expressed her gratitude to life for allowing her to lose, achieve her goals and enjoy unforgettable moments. And it is that so far this year Lisa Vega She has gained strength as a content creator and has regained her place on Mexican television.

Cheers to LIFE and its MAGIC, blessed with every step I take. This has been a great trip, IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE,” reads

As expected, the most loyal fans of the beautiful content creator Lisa Vega They left their reactions immediately, filling her inbox with thousands of likes, in addition to the hundreds of comments in which her beauty, charisma and talent were effusively praised.

“Excellent day”, “You are divinely beautiful, there is nothing more beautiful than you, I love you very much, beautiful”, “Tremendous woman, my Cuban girl of fire”, “I love you, you are a queen, I hope one day I can meet you personally”, “I adore you !!! Health for life and its magic !! That is loving yourself and good vibes !!!!”, reads the comments.

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