La Jornada – They identify the alleged murderers of journalist Ernesto Méndez

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. It is very possible that the murder of the businessman and reporter, Ernesto Méndez, has nothing to do with his journalistic activity, informed PAN Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, who added that the presumed murderers have already been identified.

Meanwhile, journalists protested at the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and at a local Executive event in Irapuato, demanding results for the murders of communicators Ernesto Méndez and Enrique Sosa Martínez.

“Justice, justice!” shouted reporters at the conclusion of the governor’s conference.

When approached by the protesters, Sinhue Rodríguez affirmed that there is progress in the investigation into the murder of Ernesto and three other men.

“Some of the probable perpetrators have already been identified, the judicial procedures are continuing, the hearings to be able to issue the arrest warrants,” said the president, who trusted that the murderers will soon be captured.

“What would be the motive for the crime?”

—Right now we are seeing much more, approaching the issue of the business – the brewery that Méndez owned-, of the place where the events took place, it seems that this is one of the issues that is becoming stronger.

“Until we have the detainees, we will know the reason for this cowardly attack on Ernesto Méndez,” he said.

He added that he cannot give much information so as not to alert those possibly responsible, but “what I can tell you is that there are two calibers that were used.”

“We are moving forward, it is an unfortunate issue, my deepest condolences to the families of Ernesto Méndez, to the union and to continue working so that this does not happen again,” he said.

the homicides

Early Wednesday morning, alleged hitmen murdered three men and the owner of the portal Your voice and businessman, Ernesto Méndez, inside the “Alaska Guamas” brewery. The beer store was owned by him.

On July 19, Miguel Ángel García ran over and finished off a retired cameraman from the news area of ​​TV4 – the state television station -, who worked in a parking lot because the pension he received was not enough to cover his expenses.

García killed Enrique Sosa because he did not want to pay the 40 pesos that the parking lot charged.

At the FGE facilities, the communicators read a letter addressed to Diego Sinhue; the mayor of San Luis de la Paz, Luis Gerardo Sánchez Sánchez; and the Attorney General, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre.

In the letter, more than 150 journalists request “to clarify whether the crime that took his life was due to his journalistic practice, or to another of his facets as a businessman to which he had the right and freedom to perform.”

They expressed their outrage at the murder of Ernesto Méndez and “this summons us to the absolute call for security and justice that the citizens of San Luis de la Paz and the rest of the 45 municipalities have by right.”

They demanded that Miguel Ángel García be arrested because the crime “still remains unpunished and without official arrests, despite the diversity of evidence and testimonies that have been made public.”

special cell

The Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the Specialized Homicide Unit are investigating the murder of four men in San Luis de la Paz, including Ernesto Méndez, reported the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

The victims are Cesar Rodrigo NJonathan Ferdinand NErnesto Méndez and a man who has not been identified, as well as Antonio N who was seriously injured, he said.

“In preliminary information, it was established that Ernesto, – who was also a former correspondent for the newspaper el Mail Y Free Zone-, was inside the establishment with other people, when they were attacked with bullets, “he said.

Méndez was also in charge of organizing the Regional Fair of San Luis de La Paz.

The Prosecutor’s Office specified that the multi-homicide was committed at 00:51 on Wednesday, inside the “Alaska Guamas” beer store.

“Ministerial personnel and forensic experts from AIC carried out the processing of the crime scene, located on Vista de la Montaña street in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood,” it reported in a statement.

“To the extent that the ongoing investigation and due process are not affected, the State Attorney General’s Office will provide follow-up to the investigation into these events,” he concluded.

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