José Ramón Fernández, Netflix’s commitment to promote America

  • As of the middle of this year, Netflix has lost more than a million subscribers worldwide.

  • To this day, the company continues to lead the streamingin addition to being valued at 376 billion dollars.

  • Being one of the most successful clubs in Mexican soccer, Club América is valued at 79.4 million dollars.

Netflix returns to the fray to promote his next documentary series on the America club and for this he recruited Jose Ramon Fernandezthe self-proclaimed “greatest anti-Americanist”

A few months ago, through a statement published on its social networks, the Los Gatos, California-based platform announced ‘America vs America’a film work about the most successful soccer team in Liga MX;

“Because the bird deserves to fly higher. ‘América vs América’, the club’s docuseries is coming to Netflix” and “A docuseries for those who love it and also for those who hate it”were the texts that accompanied the company’s publications.

It is known that the leader of the streaming is going through a complex moment; a 2022 that, so far, has snatched more than a million subscribers in the first six months.

Despite this fall, the truth is that Netflix continues to dominate the market, since, according to data from Fortune Business Insightsthe company is valued at $376 billion and the numbers will continue to rise at an average of 12 percent per year for the next decade.

Although it is true that the loss of subscribers has been a severe blow for the company, the reality is that, according to the company’s own estimates, the drop was not so resounding, since a loss of more than two million was predicted. users for the second quarter of the year.

This is no doubt because, in recent weeks, Netflix has been in the digital conversation thanks to the recent release of ‘Stranger Things 4’which, according to what the platform announced, became the second season with the most hours of views in its historyjust below Squid Game‘ (‘The Squid Game’).

Netflix turns to José Ramón Fernández for the America documentary

Of course, the platform has a series of contents in mind with which it hopes not to generate more losses, but quite the opposite. One of them is perhaps the launch of a documentary series about Club América, one of the biggest winners in Liga MX and, without a doubt, one of the ones that generates the most conversation in the digital pulse and in the media.

Under the name of ‘America vs. America’this new job will come next August 31 and, to promote it, Netflix shared a new trailer in which, among other characters from the football world, journalist José Ramón Fernández appears, self-proclaimed as the greatest “anti-Americanist” in history.

If we rely on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, in both, Club América is the one with the most followers. In Instagram has collected 3.6 million followers, while on Twitter it adds 4.4 million.

Now, according to Transfermarkt, the team from the capital is, as of today, the second in the ranking of the most valuable teams in Mexican soccer, with a value of 79.4 million dollarsjust below the “Rayados” of Monterrey.

Without a doubt, it is striking that Netflix has used José Ramón Fernández, although, deep down, it is also a strategy, perhaps, to cause controversy on social networks.

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