Joking about Sonora Grill, Herly finds out that a restaurant “sent her to hide”

The influencer and tiktoker, Herly RGjoked with the event that paralyzed the social networksafter the alleged case of discrimination in the Sonora Grill Prime by Masaryk; however, she said that an alleged hostess of the Mochomos restaurant She confessed that “she had been ordered to hide me” in a branch.

Through Twitterthe influencer expressed her astonishment, before this revelation of an alleged hostess of the restaurant chain.

“Yesterday I made a joke video of the ‘Polanco restaurant’ and a girl who was a Hostess in a pipirisnais restaurant hahahaha told me that she had been ordered to hide me in one because of my extravagant hair color and I stayed like that, ALV” Herly wrote on the social network.

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It is worth mentioning that, in the video, there is a response from a supposed hostess. “Baby, I worked as a hostess in Mochomos and I received you on your birthday, they told me to hide you, I got very angry and it was worth it,” revealed user Jess Quintero.

“Many times it was because of the hair color, when very ‘uncovered’ girls go, they also ask us to hide them,” he added.

Prank video on TikTok

Through her TikTok account, the influencer joked on the subject of racism that supposedly they do in the branches of the Sonora Grill in Mexico City.

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In the video, with more than 200,000 views, Herly is sad because they sat her down in the “Mousset” area for not being a blonde.

“When you arrive at a restaurant in Polanco and they sit you down in the “MOUSSET” area because you’re not blonde,” the video reads.

@herlyrg Apart from that I only brought $500 #classism And I’ll Return – Los Angeles Negros

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