Issa Vegas wanted to pamper fans by posing as they like

The vacations of the model Issa Vegas have been very pleasant and relaxing for her, who has documented everything on her social networks, taking many photos and portraying beautiful moments to let her millions of fans know, because recently in an Instagram post she revealed more images starring herself in a revealing beach outfit.

Too beautiful!“Those words could be read from her followers in the comments section where she posed from two different angles to show how well her slender silhouette looked in a mini beach suit in a very particular color, a military green that contrasted with perfection with her skin tone, the vacation took place on one of the beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Thanks to this walk through the beautiful sea, issa vegas has released a lot of interesting and flirtatious content to be able to share with her closest fans, since this beach outfit has been portrayed in different ways, although on the other hand, it never ceases to surprise all Instagram users who increasingly feel more and more in love with the beautiful Argentine model.

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Leaning against one of the room dividers in the hotel where the fitness blogger and her husband were staying, posing sideways giving a full view of her flat abdomen, so that her entire audience could enjoy how good she looks in beachwear, her blonde hair pulled back into a small bun so that no strands were obstructing around her face.

Issa Vegas wanted to pamper fans by posing as they like, photo: instagram

Nevertheless, issa vegas He also wanted to pamper his more than nine million followers by posing as they like, turning around so that his charms and beauties were the main theme of said photograph, on the other hand, the beautiful 26-year-old model is not only the queen of flirting but also has a great sense of humor as he headed the post by writing:

“That iguana chased me for 5 days and stole some chips”

Well, she shared that she made a new little friend, she even took a photo of her and added it to her post, so that fans could meet her friend the iguana, who, according to her experience, did not take off at all for five days, even came to steal food.

BY CLICKING HERE you can admire the beautiful photos of the model.

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