In Alabama, United States, girl escapes kidnapping; there were two decomposing bodies

In Alabama, United States, a girl escapes kidnapping; there were two decomposing bodies. Photo: Getty Images

What a scene of terror was recorded in Alabama, United States, when a kidnapped girl escaped from his captor; however, kidnapping was not the only crime Registration in the place, because in the area they found two bodies in state of decomposition.

The escape of the kidnapped girl

In accordance with reportsthe girl had been kidnapped for a few days inside a house in Alabama, United Stateswhen he managed to break the bonds that impeded the movement and managed to reach the public thoroughfare, where a men found her walking and gave notice to authorities.

After being alerted Security elements They arrived, guided by the little girl of 12 years, to the house in which he had stayed for a week, until, at bitesachievedOr free yourself from your bonds and go out to ask for support

Kidnapped and between decomposing bodies

When inspecting the place, the alabama police She got an unpleasant surprise, because in the house where the little girl was held captive there were also two bodies.

After the macabre discovery, the police chief of the area, jimmy abbettdescribed as “horrible” the crimes that would have occurred in the place and recognized the value of the girl in achieving escape and alert about the situation.

“It is horrible to experience a crime of this nature… (the girl) is a heroine.”

jimmy abbett

Reports indicate that the bodies found in the house, which seemed to come out of a gloomy horror movie, would correspond to a woman identified as Sandra Vazquez Ceja Already a minor whose name was not given.

According to what has been given knowthe bodies would be of the mother and the brother of the kidnapped little girl

Are there arrests in the case?

In the midst of the horror for the terrible findauthorities began a mobilization to be able to arrest the culprit of the events and, according to reports, the capture of Jose Pascual-Reyes, 37 years old.

So far it does not know the mobile of the heinous crimes that occurred in that house in Alabama, United States.

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