How do I tell my partner that I know he is cheating on me?

How do I tell my partner that I know he is cheating on me?. Surely when you confirm this news you feel that your life is ending or you experience a state of shock. Later, mixed feelings such as anger, sadness, confusion, guilt and shame may be present.

It is important that you analyze if it is really worth continuing with that relationship, which surely will not get anywhere; In addition, you will probably feel a great disappointment for that person in whom you trusted, because has betrayed your trust. So assess the situation.

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Maybe the best is cut to the chaseIt will also help you in the future since you will avoid a lot of pain, reproaches and suffering. Facing this situation is complicated, but social conventions and prejudices can alter perception in an already complicated situation.

So you have the decision. The situation of each person and the degree of infidelity must be considered. If you decide to end the relationship, it is best that it be on good terms, but you must learn to manage emotions and feelings in the best possible way.

Tips for dealing with infidelity

Keep calm. It is important to remain calm as much as possible; allow the other person to speak. Take the opportunity to tell him everything you feel and what you think, but clearly and as directly as possible.

Avoid high-sounding words. So that the situation does not get out of control, it is very important that you take care of the tone of voice. The idea is to get answers, so the insults will not help, they will only block the exchange of words or both will end up attacking each other.


Remember that if you speak and act clearly and sanityUsually the cheater will be honest with you and express their remorse.

Don’t fall for their game. In addition to deception, some people are cynical; they are capable of doing everything to avoid responsibility for their actions and, for example, they can blame you for the situation. In these cases, just make it clear to him that you know about his infidelity and stay away; doesn’t deserve you

Your decision must be final. Remember that most cheaters tend to believe that the situation will be temporary or that they can return whenever they want. Surely he will promise you the pearls of the Virgin. If you have already made a decision, do not give in and stand firm.

Good communication. As I mentioned before, insults only block communication, so calm down, speak calmly and you will surely discover the reasons why your partner cheated on you.

Remember that to heal the wounds it’s better to clear things upknow the reasons and make an accurate decision.

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