Hachiko de La Raza: dog waits for dead owner at the exit of the Metro

Mexico City /

Are puppies loyal? Definitely, the puppies continue to show us why they are the best of friends. In social networks, for example, Recently, a photo of a puppy sitting outside the La Raza metro station in Mexico City, waiting all day for “its owner” went viral.. We tell you the story of the tenderloin that It was already baptized as ‘Hachi’, like the one in the movie Always by your side.

It was through social networks that the image of the cute puppy waiting for its owner every day outside the La Raza Metro station in Mexico City began to go viral.

Looking towards the entrance of the Metro, the puppy was photographed. Even now he has been baptized as the ‘Mexican Hachi’ or the ‘Metro La Raza Hachi’, because according to the publication of cronicas_chilangas_cdmx his owner has already died.

“The reality exceeds fiction. The neighbors say that this puppy waited for its owner every day, one day she did not return because of an illness that blinded her life and the puppy still waits day and night for her owner to appear on the stairs of the station to receive her with that unconditional love that only they know how to give”, reads the viral publication.

As expected, the publication has caused hundreds of reactions, most of them nostalgic:

“Hachiko of the race”; “Mexican hachikō”; “Oh God!! beings so noble and so defenseless, they show us what the master is ”, reads between the reactions.


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