Goodbye Chapoy: After being disfigured and vetoed by Televisa, the protagonist gains 15 kilos and reappears in ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- a dear protagonist of soap operaswho has not participated in a melodrama in 4 years Televisareappears on the screens of the today program after struggling with his weight and finishing ‘disfigured‘ in one of his most successful fiction projects. Is about Angelica Valewho suffered the dreaded veto of the San Angel TV when she was just a girl and losing her exclusivity contract stepped on the premises of Aztec TV and even visited windowing with Pati Chapoy.

The actress, who is the daughter of the first actress Angelica Maria and the late actor Raul ValeHe began his career on television Saint Angel at a very young age and it was precisely then that she ended up banned from the television station due to a lawsuit that her father had with the owner Emilio Azcarraga. Vale mentioned in an interview with Yordi Rosado what it was like to be escorted by police officers out of the facilities: “My grandmother and I arrived at Televisa Chapultepec and that they take us out with the police, at 7 years old,” he revealed.

Some time later, the actress managed to return once things calmed down and starred in very successful soap operas such as Dreamers, friends and rivals Y the most beautiful uglyremake of the Colombian version Ugly Betty. It was in this project that Vale appeared almost disfigured Well, it looked unrecognizable after being characterized as ‘Leticia Padilla Solis‘. After making her last telenovela in 2018, and tomorrow will be another dayhe lost his exclusivity contract and even surprised when debuting in Aztec TV.

Angelica Vale in ‘Ugly Betty’

Vale appeared on the show windowing with Pati Chapoy with his mother and after confessing in the same broadcast that he has struggled with being overweight for a long time because of hormonal problems arising from their pregnancies (so gained more than 15 kilos) has managed to reach his ideal weight based on diet and exercise, so he currently looks great. And during the celebration of 24 years on the air today programVale appeared in the morning with Arath of the Towerand.

And it is that they returned to a clip from 2001 when she and Arath recreated a kissing scene in full morning As will be remembered, both coincided in two soap operas (dreamers Y Friends and rivals) so they have always been great friends as well as colleagues. She and Arath both look amazing and drew praise from every driver in the morning forum. Arath finally reflected on that moment that was her debut in Hoy: “It was a total school because they told you ‘improvise,'” she recalled.

It should be noted that the soap opera in which both participated as young stars, dreamerswill be broadcast very soon by the Channel TlNovelas. The 1998 melodrama, produced by Emilio Larrosa, will return to the screens of Televisa in just a few weeks, as confirmed by show youtuber Alejandro Zúñiga, so fans of the story or of any of the actors will be able to see them again.

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