Gignac reveals possible date to leave Tigres; rejected millionaire offers

The felines’ all-time top scorer said he is contemplating a date to leave the club.

Gignac rejected millionaire offers to leave Tigres

By: Paty Teran

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“I arrived in 2015 and my goal is to leave in 2025. It’s my ideal scenario, being competitive, if it’s to make me feel bad, I’d better leave earlier”, said the Frenchman in an interview with Franco Escamilla.

the french of tigers He also revealed that he has had offers to leave Liga MX, mainly in Asian and Arab football, but decided to stay.

“I received an offer from China, 18 million euros for two years and I said no. In Arabia it was ten million euros per year, for three years, net. I said no, but at that time I was going to renew with tigers. I want to play something cool, with incredible passion, competitive”, added the footballer in the chat with the comedian.

On the reasons why he decided not to take the offers, Gignac He said he was delighted with Mexican soccer and the fans of Tigers: “Saudi is ArabianIt is not qataryou live in a residence with Europeans or Americans, it is very difficult to leave, I choose my lifestyle, a passion, a competitive league where I love the Liguilla, then quarterfinals Finals, Playoffs and I didn’t go.”

Until now Andre-Pierre Gignac already accumulates 150 annotations in Mexican football.

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