El Chueco: by search operation, there are already 17 detainees

Search operation continues against “Chueco”, the list of detainees is going up. Photo: Government of Mexico

The advances of search operation against José “N”, alias the “crooked”, they continue. During the morning of this August 4, 2022it was announced that they add up to at least 17 the arrested who would be involved with suspected killer of the priests and a tour guide in the state of chihuahua.

What details were given of the search operation against “Chueco” and the detainees?

During his speech at the conference, the Undersecretary of Public Security of the Government of Mexico, Ricardo Mejia Berdejareleased this week’s progress on the “Zero Impunity” programwhere new data related to the search operation against him “crooked”, of which, add 17 arrested:

“On July 30, the Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua reported that elements of the Sedena and the State Investigation Agency managed to arrest three subjects in Bahuichivo, municipality of Urique, during the actions of the Joint Operation. One of them was identified as the first brother of José “N”, el “Chueco”, the main drug dealer in the Bahuichivo area and allegedly responsible for the death of two Jesuit priests and a tourist guide. To date, there are 17 detainees, all of them members of the criminal cell of this subject.”

Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, Undersecretary of Public Security of the Government of Mexico

Some time ago there were 11 arrested related to the “crooked”, and now, in the data update of the search operationthe official explained that the recent captured They were seized with long weapons, magazines and drugs. They have already been presented to the ministerial authority for linking to criminal process.

Who is the “Chuck”?

José “N”, aka the “crooked”, is the main suspect in the murder of the priests Javier “Gallo” Campos Morales and Joaquín César “Pato” Mora Salazar, which happened last Monday, June 20, in the municipality of Urique, chihuahuadate on which he would also have killed a tour guide.

Besides of search operationpreviously, Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte, attorney general of the state of chihuahuasaid at a press conference that the government offers up to 5 million pesos for information leading to the whereabouts of this man.

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