Declared Cristian “N”, presumed owner of the well where there are trapped miners; Local prosecutor opens investigation

The Attorney General of Coahuila, Gerardo Marquez Guevarareported this Friday that a person named Christian “N”who assumed ownership of the mine in the Las Agujitas community, where 10 miners are trapped, has already given his statement for what began a research folder to know if there is any crime or the safety measures of the workers were not optimal.

“The investigation folder is already open, we continue working and we also declare the one who is assumed to be the owner, Cristian, we request some information to determine if he actually appears as the owner of the mine or not, he says he is the owner”he said in an interview in Saltillo.

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However, I consider that although the priority is the rescue of the miners, an investigation folder has already been started on what happened.

He reported that he also took the statement of the five workers that they managed to get out of the mine, and that they were receiving medical attention, which is already part of the investigation, as well as several additional procedures that have been carried out by agents of the public ministry and elements of expert services.

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In addition, a topographic study of the land on which the mine is located, ‘in order to determine if any illicit act was committed during the coal extraction work”.

Former mayor of Sabina clarifies that he does not own the well where miners are trapped

The former mayor of Sabinas, Régulo Zapata Jaime (PRI), released a video on social networks where he rejects being the owner of the sinister coal pit where 10 of the 15 miners who were working were trapped last Wednesday.

The state prosecutor, Gerardo Márquez Guevara, assured that no one had mentioned Régulo Zapata Jaime (as a concessionaire in his statements), the investigation continues but he said that they will see that later because the urgency now is to find the 10 miners.

“We hope that they have been able to protect themselves in some nook or gallery, from the ones they do to protect themselves (because they are three adjoining wells and the deposit is large),” he commented.

Zapata Jaime warns in his recording that only this time he will explain that neither he nor his son have anything to do with the farm that collapsed and flooded on the way to “Las Conchas”, in the mineral of Agujita, municipality of Sabinas.

“My name is Régulo Zapata Jaime, for the only time I am going to talk about this issue that was flooded and there are people trapped, fellow miners whose priority is to rescue them and let the authorities investigate and do their job.

“And just as they are talking, if they believe that I am responsible, let what has to be done to solve this problem be done.

“I tell them that if I work in a mining development that is more than 15 or 20 kilometers from where the collapse occurred, as an advisor to Social Security and in the purchase and sale of coal.

“My son also has a mining development, why deny it? He is a coal processor in San Juan de Sabinas, I tell them that if I know everyone I have bought and sold coal from them.

“We are aware that the first thing we have to solve is the rescue of the miners who are in that little hole in order to continue…

“We know the risks involved in being in this region (Coal), the work that takes place in the mines and being able to improve it.

“I thank you (for your attention), I repeat: it is the only time I will talk about this issue, I have no concession, no mine in my name, I am just one more worker in a mining development,” he said.

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With information from Hilda Fernández / Correspondent


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