Dear Inseparable couple confirms their breakup

  • These celebrities join the Inseparable couples who are no longer together at the end of the reality show.
  • Alma Cero and René had wedding plans.
  • Alma Cero spoke about her breakup with René.

Although it seemed that the couples who have been part of the reality show on Televisa, ‘Inseparable’, were really impossible to separate, a new relationship heralds their breaking off.

Is about Alma Cero and Rene de la Parrawho gave something to talk about in the third season of the reality show when he became jealous of Julio Camejo, who had had a relationship with the actress, a long time ago and a controversy was created in the house when he referred to her in a little way educated.

However, although they overcame that controversy, they had to leave the competition when Alma suffered an injury in one of the physical challenges.

Alma Cero confirms their separation:

Now, the actress confirmed before the cameras of ‘Venga la Alegría’ that their love story ended, “In what has an end there is a duel because detachment is worked on. Be happy, my love. That is the mold that you want, I do not fit there, but God bless you and thank you for all the time we have been together and everything I have learned from you.

Alma was asked if she ended her relationship with René because she had not yet given him the ring and thus to know a little more detail about the reasons that led them to separate and she answered, “I really don’t have expectations, I don’t bring expectations or limiting beliefs about what happiness can be, I am a woman who has gained a lot, who has lost a lot and I already found love, love is here (inside)”, he finished.

Alma Cero and René de Inseparables, another couple that ends their relationship

Let us remember that in June of this year, René and Alma opened up to Shanik Berman on TV Notes about their courtship and they told us about their future plans as a couple where they talked about a possible wedding and they told us that they were already living together.

– René, are you going to get married?

René: “I told her: ‘I’m getting married this year’; marriage is sacred, it is a gift from God, and once we are united in marriage, more blessings will rain down on us than we are already receiving right now.”

– They live together?

Alma: “Yes, we live in sin.”

René: “You will be the first to know: we are in Cuernavaca in the house where we are going to live; it’s still empty and we barely connect to the internet. I was just welcomed by a wasp that stung me; It is the little nest that we are opening to celebrate our first anniversary and my 53rd birthday, which was June 9.”

– Will they be a marriage in which both take care of the home financially?

Alma: “For relationships to work, they have to be equitable; nobody has ever had to support me, I have always worked”.

René: “I want to clarify, because a gossip came out that I want to cling to Alma’s fame, that, although I have lived in Mexico for only a year and a half, I lived in the United States for many years and I was able to retire there in dollars, so that the work I do here in Mexico is an extra; And yes, I want to say that we live very well, thank God, and that my girl contributes and I contribute mine equitably”, Alma and René concluded at the time, who voluntarily left ‘Inseparable’.

Alma Cero and René de Inseparables, another couple that ends their relationship

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